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Our Classes are structured to incorporate three ‘core’ subjects – Classical Ballet, Tap & Modern/Jazz; these three dance subjects compliment each other to create a well-balanced learning programme for our students.

Here at Studio One (DCPA) it is our policy to integrate children with learning difficulties and special educational needs into all our classes.

Our Class Structure is as follows:-

  • Nursery Class
    An introduction to dance for students aged 3 & 4yrs. The fifty minute class is a step up from our Tots & Tiddlers Classes – offering a basic introduction to our Class Structure covering Ballet, Tap, Modern, Singing & First Stage Acrobatics.    Two Qualified Class Teachers and three Class Assistants are present at all times – offering smaller children the individual attention they so often require. Children progress to Class 1 between 4 and 41/2 yrs
  • Class 1
    For Students working at Preparatory Level in Classical Ballet, Tap & Modern / Jazz
  • Class 2
    For students working at Primary level in Classical Ballet, Tap & Modern / Jazz
  • Class 3
    For Students working at Grades 1 & 2 in Classical Ballet, Tap & Modern / Jazz
  • Class 4
    For Students working at Grades 3 & 4 in Classical Ballet, Tap & Modern / Jazz
  • Class 5
    For Students working at Grades 5, 6 & Intermediate Foundation in Classical Ballet, Tap & Modern / Jazz
  • Class 6
    For Students working at Grades 7, 8, Intermediate – Advanced One in Classical Ballet, Tap & Modern / Jazz
  • Class 7
    For Students working at Advanced Two & Diploma Level in Classical Ballet, Tap & Modern / Jazz
  • Acrobatic Classes
    The British Theatre Dance Association Acrobatic Syllabus is taught from Primary Level trough to Grade Eight.
  • Stage & Musical Theatre Classes
    These classes are by invitation only and are offered to students from 3 – 18yrs. We have six Stage Classes: STARLETS – TROUPERS – ENTERTAINERS – PRE-PERFORMERS – PERFORMERS – GRADUATES

Our Stage Class Students work on our Annual Production all year round; covering a wide variety of choreographic & Musical Theatre styles & skills.
Children and students attending classes at Studio One (DCPA) can be confident they are achieving a comprehensive, well-structured and relevant dance education. Students can be sure they will be taught according to safe teaching principles and will be evaluated through progressively built examinations.

Examination sessions are held in our studio regularly each year and results are of a consistently high standard.

  • Pre-School Classes
    Music & Movement classes for pre-school children. These classes are taught at 2 levels:
    • Tiny Dancers – Walking to 2 1/2 years – This class is for children who need to keep their parent/guardian/childminder with them. The children are introduced to first stage counting and participation songs; and percussion instruments are always great fun for young children.
    • Tiny Tumblers – Once the child feels comfortable without their parent/guardian/childminder – this is the class for them. These children are taught basic social skills of integration and interaction with others through song and dance movement. The emphasis here is enjoyment for all – working on basic nursery rhymes and participate songs which they will be introduced to over the pre-school/reception/KS1 period

  • Adult Dance & Fitness
    • Adult Dance  is great fun, with something for all abilities. We cover; Ballet, Tap, Jazz, DDMIX & Silver Swans.

    • DDMIX  is a new full body aerobic workout based on a range of different dance styles with easy to follow steps.
      The aim of DDMIX is to get people moving without being intimidated by the word ‘dance’ or the technicality of the steps, but instead to give a full body workout that is such fun that you don’t even notice that you are exercising. With the vast number of dance styles around the world to choose from, no one will ever get bored!

    • SILVER SWANS developed by The Royal Academy of Dance as a pilot ptoject in response to a growing demand for ballet classes for older learners. This project identified psychological benefits of dance, such as perceived improvements in quality of life, as well as physiological advantages, such as improved balance. Classes are for both novice and experienced dancers. These classes will help improve mobility, posture, co-ordination and energy levels.

  • Vocal Coaching and Singing Lessons
    • In these classes students learn about vocal health and stage presence, whilst developing their singing technique and increasing their repertoire. Students receive coaching on breath control, vocal projection, articulation, range building, pitch correction and vocal stamina.
      Students also have the opportunity to take LAMDA Musical Theatre Exams. These exams help to develop acting and singing skills, encouraging empathy and self-awareness, as learners are required to present believable characters through both acting and song.


STUDIO ONE (DCPA) is a non-profit making organisation.